A growing puppy, a dizzy dog, what?

From the City of Love, to The Collective

Bonjour Furry ‘n’ Fabulous Followers!

I have just returned from the City of Love Paris, (love I did not find but, instead Face-timed my dog, Roxy).

Since being back, we have been crazzzzy busy and I can’t decide what to write about first!

Find us In-Store

We have recently opened a store in The Collective Kiama (100 Terralong Street, Kiama, NSW).  A huge achievement for our little business. Starting with a small collection, we plan to expand ASAP so you can come in and get a closer look at the amazing quality of products on show. If you have a suggestion or need a product. Drop a line via our contact page


We want you to become part of the team!

In Australia, it is becoming more and more common that everyone wants to become an Instagram model, who happens to have a dog that is also seeking Insta-fame! (You can include me in that too!)

For our business to become the biggest boutique possible in NSW, Australia or even the world  (not yet there but watch this space!) we’d love you to showcase your excitement. Jump on Instagram and tag us (@furrynfabulouspetboutique) into your posts and #fnf, we want to see your puppos loving their new gear!

Dizzy Dog Collar Co

There are people looking for something that is affordable, yet the great quality is longer lasting or simply because their pup has grown or just likes treats too much (You know who you are hahaha)


Let’s talk Dog Harnesses!

Any harness within our store is absolutely incredible quality and will withstand the harsh weather conditions or whatever it is… But like all harnesses, it will not withstand your dog’s teeth (nothing will lol)!

However, there is one brand of harness I want to specifically talk about. This being the Dizzy Dog Collar Co brand we sell within our store and online.

Our business aims to sell good quality products, especially in our harness range.

Alongside our other two incredible brands Moo + Twig (most being reversible with different patterns and some even in a collared shirt which adorably awesome!!!!!) as well as Dogue (the softest and the cutest collection ever!!!), Dizzy Dog Collar Co has been one of our biggest sellers and this is why…

Most of the Dizzy Harnesses are adjustable! And yes I know what you are thinking – “Derrrrrrrr, wake up Brianna, all dog harnesses are adjustable ya weirdo”.

Well, you see this is where for once I actually seem smarter than the average doggo. The Dizzy collection is not only adjustable around the body, but you can also adjust the neck size, which is incredible because not all brands have this feature!

This will guarantee the perfect fit for your dog no matter what breed it is. It is the only harness I have ever come across that will fit every single dog no matter what shape or size. Even if it is a greyhound! ( if you have one, trust me, I know how hard it is to find the perfect fit for them)! This harness almost fits like a glove every single time. AND its PERFECT for growing dogs as the harness can adjust with them!!!!!!!

Buy the perfect harness for your pup!

You can’t go wrong.

Get excited Kiddos! lol!

Au revoir,

Bri and Rox!

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