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Brianna Trpenovski

Brianna Trpenovski


Hi, I am Brianna and I am 16 years old.

I love my dog Roxy and I guess you could say I’m over the top in love with animals in general, in particular dogs.

However, one of my favourite things to do is delve and discover new fashion and what’s trending!

Catch me shopping the hottest and latest trends not just with my friends but with my dog.

I want every person to shop till they drop in Furry ‘n’ Fabulous, just like I do.

Roxy Poxy Trpenovski

Roxy Poxy Trpenovski


Woof and Bark,

Hi, I am Roxy Poxy Trpenovski… AKA the cutest Toy Poodle who appaareeenttllyyyy gets very very excited! (Whatevs, I love life!)

I’m the muse, model, and mascot for Furry ‘n’ Fabulous and beloved pet of Brianna & Beti.

My fav things to do ever are to play fetch, get the ball for fetch, ask my mum and dad to play fetch, ask my brother and sister to play fetch and play fetch … oh wait, did I mention I like to play fetch?

My day consists of sleeping, eating, walking, playing fetch, eating the food that falls from the dining table, watching the bachelor (have you seen his curly coat?!)  and playing fetch again!

I  love to go shopping and play dress ups with my sister Brianna. You guys should check it out the threads on our shop, and see if you can style your puppo better than I am! #furrynfab on insta so I can check your outfit out!

Peace out,

Roxy Poxy 🐾X

Beti Trpenovski

Beti Trpenovski


Furry ‘n’ Fabulous has been a dream of mine for many years.

I grew up, always having a pet. I loved having a dog. When I met my husband Robert, I couldn’t believe he had never had a pet. How could you not have a pet growing up? Well, I knew how to fix that.

It’s my love for little Roxy, that started me thinking that I needed to do something for the newest family member, and that’s how Furry ‘n’ Fabulous Pet Boutique was born.

Having our little Roxy has turned my ‘this dog will never be allowed in the house’ husband into a big softie that falls asleep with Roxy in his arms, when he thinks no one is looking. She is very much apart of our family and I know many of you out there feel the same about your little fur babies.

What the fab are we all about?



Hello, Hey, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Namaste, and WOOOOOOF!

Welcome to Furry ‘n’ Fabulous Pet Boutique (and our about page).  We are a  one-stop online dog shopping destination.  We get to find the coolest products all about dogs so that you get to spoil your pooch! We keep a stylish range of luxury dog clothes, fancy harnesses, coats, leads, cool collars and even dog beer! You’ll find everything you need to keep your canine companion snuggly and warm on the coldest of days, and cool and relaxed during the heat of summer.

How(l) it all began

On the 10th of July 2012, we made the best decision of our lives to buy little Roxy (a toy poodle) from a breeder in Central Coast, NSW.

When we saw how cute she was, we couldn’t resist! Yes, I know all dogs are cute and I know I am biased, but Roxy is the CUTEST DOG EVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

…Okay maybe that was a little over the top but I know you get it, you’re probably dog-mad like us too!  

The love for Roxy and all things dog fashion inspired us to begin Furry ‘n’ Fabulous. So began our pet boutique and regular visits to market stalls. Head on over to our shop local page to find out where we’ll be next. We’d love to meet you and meet your fur baby too!

Why buy from us

Our priority as a small business is that our shop is easily accessible by anyone wanting to buy affordable dog accessories. We love dog lovers, so, therefore, we aim is to provide a stylish range of canine fashion, designer dog leads, and puppy products at the best prices.

Furry ‘n’ Fabulous Pet boutique is suited to pooch lovers of all kinds, and we stock small breed harnesses to big dog collars  (and cat collar sizes too)!  With thanks from the team at Bare Possum Digital Marketing, we’ve completely overhauled our website to ensure you have the best shopping experience. We hope you love it as much as we do.

If you’re looking for a product, and it’s not on our site, we welcome suggestions. This shop is for you and your fur babies. Send us an email and let us know what you need, we may be able to help. We want to stock the best range of dog products because we love to see dog lovers smile!  

What we do

Alongside our dog boutique, we absolutely love getting out and meeting allll the dogs (and their humans too!).


We are also obsessed with taking pics of every dog we see and posting it on our socials. Head over to our media page to check out our Instagram, Pinterest and facebook feed. You’ll also find us on Snapchat! Maybe we are a little too dog crazy? I don’t know, drop in a comment and let us know!


In 2017 Furry ‘n’ Fabulous Pet Boutique hit the streets of the Illawarra. Starting small but attracting customers from everywhere across the region

Our first stop was Dapto Markets a mainstay on the market circuit and a great choice as a testing ground for our range of dog apparel.  With nothing but two tables and a little bit of stock,  it quickly became obvious that there was a need to provide luxury upscale and stylish dog products and dog fashion. Because we want to provide the best range possible, we are really selective about what we so. We want to ensure that our range is not only affordable but high quality.

We now frequently attend dog days outs such as Pound Paws and Street Paws and regular markets such as Kiama Seaside Markets. Furry ‘n’ Fabulous was a massive hit in the Illawarra, so, we expanded into Sydney!  At the break of dawn, we rise, bleary-eyed each weekend to travel all across Sydney. So far, Richmond, NSW has been our longest trek waking up at 5 in the morning;  Tiring, but most importantly, we get to meet you all, which, is totally worth it!

Follow Along

Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, We are always posting!

And because we love what you love, if you have a place or recommendation you want to see us at, or even just want to chat you can message us via our contact page.

Until we meet, happy shopping!


Brianna, Beti & Roxy.

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